Things I love …

  1. shopping
  2. sleeping in
  3. this Maidenform strapless bra (seriously, I love this thing and wear it under ANYTHING … if you need a strapless bra, this is the one to go with)
  4. Pinterest
  5. teaching
  6. new books
  7. old books
  8. red books
  9. blue books
  10. coffee
  11. cold water
  12. candy
  13. organization
  14. being in a size 10 again
  15. the ocean
  16. my FitBit
  17. laughing so hard my stomach hurts
  18. slow dancing in the living room with MG (which I never thought I’d do or like)

Summer School

This summer I have three different classes I’m looking at teaching:

  • creative writing,
  • art, and
  • music & dance.

I’m solo teaching the creative writing + art as one class to two different age groups and I’m teaching music & dance with another teacher from our school. Right now I am actually only scheduled to teach one class because our summer school enrollment is down, (Want to enroll your Bay Area student? Drop me a note!) but I’m thinking about plans and activities for each of the classes.


I am stocking up on ideas using Pinterest, though they aren’t bustling with activity just yet, I’ve found Pinterest a good way to sort out some ideas.My teaching boards are categorized to help keep me organized when I find new pins.

  • Teaching: Classroom Decoration & Set-up
  • Teaching: Classroom Management
  • Teaching: For Parents
  • Teaching: Middle School Book Reports
  • Teaching: My Superpower
  • Teaching: Poetry
  • Teaching: Reading
  • Teaching: Writing
  • Teaching: Summer School (Art)
  • Teaching: Summer School (Creative Writing)

In order to boost my own “Teaching:” boards, I have to be sure that my boards are named properly so I can find them. I have to be sure I unfollow boards when I notice that I just don’t care about them (rather than unfollowing people). I have to be sure that I am adding things to my boards so that I continue to draw in new resources. I have to be sure that  I interact with people using the like (heart) feature and leaving comments.

Do you use Pinterest? Why or why not? If you do use Pinterest, what are some of your favorite boards and resources that you’ve found?